“The best site in the VF Corp. portfolio.”
– Eric Wiseman, VF Corp., CEO


How do you get young adult males to consider incorporating Nautica Jeans into their every day lives?


Empower them with a truly immersive experience. We leveraged innovative green screen technology, 3-D modeling, and Flash to show users how to perfect the art of incorporating Nautica Jeans into their wardrobe. Digital video of a full-motion model shows three distinct looks in varying degrees of casual – Very Casual, Kinda Casual and Dressy Casual. Users can also use the Jeans Finder to view the finer details of the jeans, from the front and back of the jeans to the lay of cuffs on shoes.


The site re-launched the brand’s positioning as a rediscovery and a reinterpretation of what Americans have always wanted to wear and contributed to parent company VF Corp’s 4.8% rise in third quarter profit. The client called the site “The best site in the VF Corp. portfolio.” And then some, considering it won The FWA Site Of The Day award, among others.